About Access Bars

Access Consciousness® and The Bars®

Gary Douglas founded Access Consciousness® over 20 years ago in California, beginning with The Bars.

Today, a dynamic set of tools, techniques and information that can change any area of life, is available to you. What would you really like to change?

You can access these tools via a variety of classes, teleconferences, products or with a facilitator. Everyone starts with Access Bars; this is the beginning of the change you have been seeking.

For more information and to view the class schedule please visit the Access Consciousness website:



I'm Adrian and along with being the current caretaker of this website, I am a Certified Access Bars Facilitator and Body Process Facilitator based in the UK.

What contribution can I be to your life, your living, your reality, your body and your generative, creative capacities for and of consciousness now and in the future?

And breathe...

I offer Bars Classes and Bars Sessions as well as many other Access Consciousness body processes, including Energetic Facelift and Access Vision Process.

Or get in touch if you would like me to create classes or sessions in your town.


I�m based in Woking, Surrey which is just a short train ride from London. I am available for classes and private sessions here if you so desire.

Also, I have a can travel attitude so if you would like to receive a session relatively locally or for me to facilitate a Bars Class in YOUR town, city or country, please get in touch.

What else is possible and what are the infinite possibilities? And what else is possible?

Are you ready to take a step closer to being the YOU which you really be?

Come play!